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Zero Gravity

2020, narrative puzzle game
Designed in collaboration with Alessia Ianni-Palarchio, Beau McGhee, & Katie McLain
my roles: design, narrative design, editing, visual assets
tools used: Unity, Photoshop, Miro

Zero Gravity is physics-based puzzle game, featuring a novel gravity-based movement mechanic in which the player-character is propelled backwards after flinging objects away from them. The game features a player-character & their trusty foil, a robot named robot.

As the narrative designer on the team, I was responsible for writing the dialog, item descriptions, & various pieces of UI text. I worked with the rest of the team to find out what they needed explicitly tutorialized, & how to guide the player through the narrative which we had collaboratively generated.

Lessons learned:

  • Item descriptions are crazy fun to write. You can really embed a lot of narrative into them by deciding what a particular character would notice or know about a particular object in a game.
  • The UX considerations of game writing are not to be overlooked: there were many points at which I had to compose dialog in-engine rather than in spreadsheets because there was too many or too few characters in a given line. Seeing as I was also responsible for typography & text layout, I was able to tweak these things slightly, & eventually got a good feel for the overall limitations.