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last november

2022, interactive poetry collection
solo project
exhibited at Wonderville, 2021-2022
tools used: Twine 2, Photoshop

last november i totally fucking freaked out is an electric zine containing 10 poems & a vast number of possible variations on those poems. Each word in each poem can be hidden or revealed by clicking on it, allowing a reader to selectively "erase" portions of each poem to create their own (examples of such behavior pictured below).

Lessons learned:

  • Getting players to interact with text on a screen is difficult. In my limited timeframe for this piece, I had to sacrifice a more elegant UI-based solution for explicit instructions on the first page of the collection.
  • Interactive media present writers with numerous tools to model the behaviors they want readers to undertake. In last november, the behavior I wanted was for a reader to re-interpret the poems from my context to their own, so I experimented with different ways of allowing them to do so. This toggling effect was by far the most successful.