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2021-2022, web-based adventure game
Designed in collaboration with Mut Moochi, Fran Rojo, Darwin Vickers, Ty Cobb, Jen Bourke, & The Parks Staff
my roles: game design, narrative/writing, UI, visual design
tools used: VSCode, HTML/CSS/JS, Unity, Twine 2, Photoshop, Miro is an award-winning, liveops web-venture game originally built as an experiment in non-hierarchical development practices. It has since sprawled out into an internet park, using a set of homecooked JS tools to allow visitors to explore the space & play with a variety of friends & toys.

I wrote UX copy for the website, designed the guides for our overall aesthetics, designed key UI elements, & made dozens nodes in our maze-like space.


  • Most Experimental, Game Fest 2022
  • Honorable mention, IGF 2022
  • Honorable mention, A MAZE 2022

Lessons learned:

  • Preserving & elevating each team member's creative voice is a powerful design modality. We built an exciting & award-winning game by acknowledging that each team member can & should influence the design of the game. This style of collaboration is capable of creating objects which are magnitudes more complicated than an individual could ever do on their own.
  • Communication across fields is always worth struggle for. My teammates on this game are largely engineers & technical artists, we had to take a semi-agile bend to our process so that we could keep up with each other. Consequently, I learned more about the actual process of building & maintaining a website than I ever thought I would be able to.