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Advanced Checkers 2

2022, tabletop roleplaying game
Solo project
exhibited at Wonderville, 2022
tools used: MS Office, InDesign

Advanced Checkers 2 is a very small romance tabletop roleplaying game. It takes the procedures of a slightly modified game of checkers as a metaphor for two lesbians flirting. AC2 is still in development, but you can view the "express edition" below. AC2 is based on a game I finished in 2019, the cult-classic Checkers 2.

Lessons learned:

  • Extensive playtests revealed how the potentially awkward situation of flirting can be transformed into an easy & funny activity using only a thin layer of fiction & a familiar ruleset. Players who have trouble flirting feel that this is more "fair," & experienced flirters are typically engaged by the restrictions of the rules.
  • The formal mechanics of a game can be used to create a particular feeling, most often trepidation or recklessness in the case of AC2. This phenomenon can & should be used to support the thesis or content of a game.