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2022, tabletop roleplaying
Designed in collaboration with Jen Bourke
exhibited at the Game Center Showcase, 2022
my roles: design, writing, layout, facilitation
tools used: MS Office, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Jira, Miro

Aporias is a GMless, anthology roleplaying system and supplement about making up some people who are fated to cause problems for each other, and then telling stories about their antics. It was my thesis project during my 2nd year of my master's degree at the New York University Game Center.

Lessons learned:

  • We decided to produce the game in an agile structure, which was unconventional but not ineffective for analog game design. My collaborator & I had very different specialties, but twice-weekly standups & a ticketing system helped keep us each abreast of what the other was doing & why.
  • Printed rulebook layouts have unique UX concerns, especially in making reading long sections of text phyiscally easy to read. To communicate a game, effective layout/typography is almost as important as clear & playful technical writing.